Needy is never a good thing, unless it’s coming from an 8-bit virtual pet encased in a palm-sized egg-shaped toy. Only then are we okay with being showing 24/7 concern (says a lot about us humans uh). For most teenagers and adults, these Tamagotchis would have been a key part of your childhood. Feeding, playing, and caring for these virtual pets were once part of your daily routine. And it seems like this nostalgic gadget is making a comeback, with several specially edition Tamagotchis that will send you squealing in delight.

1. Tamagotchi 20th anniversary edition

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To celebrate 20 years of people tending to virtual pets, Tamagotchi will be releasing a special 20th-anniversary console that is smaller in size but still jam-packed with the same functions and endless hours of fun. It will go on sale in the USA come 5 Nov, retailing at USD$14.99 each.

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With a screen size of 16×16 pixels, this tiny device can easily be snuck into lecture halls and classrooms for a stealthy way to pass your time.

Get yours for approx SGD $35 from USA, with the help of travellers


2. Tamagotchi Sanrio m!x

Tamagotchi m!x allows you to create and play with new characters, but none sounds quite as adorable like the forth edition of Tamagotchi m!x, Sanrio m!x, features Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, Gudetama, and Pompompurin.

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You’ll also get to play in the magical world of Sanrio characters, making this an exciting crossover that all Tamagotchi fans should lay their hands on. Even the designs are x10000 cuter with pastel colours, interesting designs and accompanying character strap for easy transport.

Get yours for approx SGD $90 from Japan, with the help of travellers

3. Tamagotchi Dream m!x

The fifth edition, called Dream m!x, features three new characters – Kiraritchi, Yumemitchi, and Spacytchi.

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Set in the magical world of Dream Land, it comes with pastel pink and blue, adorned with a tiny bow and s sprinkle of glitter of good measure.

4. Gudetama Tamagotchi

For the egg-shaped console of Tamagotchi, it only makes sense that a collaboration with the lazy egg itself is in order. Come December this year, Tamagotchi will be dressed in adorable Gudetama colours, allowing you to interact with this famous character even more.

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You can choose to purchase a bundle which includes a Gudetama silicon “sleeve” that houses the Tamagotchi, giving it a 3D effect. The best part is that you actually get to care for Gudetama itself – now you can experience the true laziness of the lazy egg. We aren’t sure about you, but this is THE Tamagotchi we are most excited about.

Get yours for approx SGD $70 from Japan, with the help of travellers

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Ah, but these specially-themed Tamagotchis are only available in Japan, or through international resellers. If you’re going to be stuck in Singapore like us, why not do what we do and put up a request on Airfrov, and have one of our friendly traveller carry an adorable egg back for you!

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