By now it should already be a pretty well-known fact that we love temporary hair dyes, simply because they’re not damaging to our hair, we get to change colour ever so often, and they’re just a whole lot of fun. A recent addition to the family is none other than 3CE, and just looking at pictures, we can safely say that the temptation is real. We went ahead and bought our readers some of these beautiful natural hair dyes, and they gave us their personal thoughts on them.

But before that, for those who’re clueless as to what we’re talking about, let us educate:

3CE Treatment Hair Tint

The new 3CE Treatment Hair Tint is, obviously, a temporary hair dye that will last you for about a good week or so. Just like lip tints, they’re meant to stain your hair a kiss of colour, so expect soft, muted hues as opposed to vibrant, vivid ones.

Colour selection wise, the 3CE hair tint does offer a pretty decent selection of shades, ranging from the classic rose tints like Rose Brown and Baby Pink to other more unconventional ones, like Natural Ash, which looks like a grey/turquoise in-between, or Apricot Brown, a tangerine peachy hue, toned down with hints of brown.

3CE hair tint review

L-R: Baby Pink, Natural Ash, Apricot Brown, Rose Brown, Chocolat Brown

As usual, the how long these dyes last on the hair depends on various factors, depending on the type of hair care products used, as well as the original state of hair before the dye went on. Plus, an important point to note is that these colours are more likely to show up on light coloured/bleach hair — it’s only normal that these pastel hues will only show up as a faint colour on darker hair.

Now that we’ve got introductions out of the way, let’s get straight into the review!

Rose Brown

3CE Hair Tint - Before & After (Rose Brown)

I absolutely loved the end result. I have blonde highlights on my naturally chestnut brown hair, so I was lucky that the dye managed to show up. My highlights, evidently, were dyed a vibrant shade of flamingo pink, while the rest of my hair was a deeper, rosy hue of well, rose brown. There was nothing drying about the formula, rather, the dye was so incredibly conditioning that my hair actually felt softer and smoother than before I dyed it. It was an enjoyable process and I wouldn’t mind trying out the other colours a single bit. – Chelsea

3CE Hair Tint Review - Before & After (Rose Brown)

I got one 3CE Rose Brown Treatment Tint tube and applied it on the ends of my hair. A crucial point to note: make sure your hair is not soaking wet after showering, because the dye works better when the hair is less wet. My hair is a faded brown from my previous dye. Even though the dye was super obvious, I am pretty happy with the result. It smells great and doesn’t stain your hands! – Faith

Baby Pink

3CE Hair Tint Review - Before & After (Baby Pink)

The treatment hair tint was really easy to apply, had a pleasant smell, and made my hair really smooth and silky to the touch! As my hair color is quite dark, the color of the tint is only visible as a pink tint on the ends, which have been dyed brown. I’d recommend the hair tint for people who already have hair that’s been dyed a lighter shade and would like to try a different color without damaging their hair, as the treatment hair tint will also help to make your hair feel smoother. – Michelle

Now that you’ve heard what some of our readers think, why don’t you try them out for yourselves too?

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