Stop what you are doing now because Bandai has brought back your favourite Tamagotchi!

Comeback of Tamagotchi

(Image source: Rebloggy)

In celebration of Tamagotchi’s 20th anniversary, Bandai announced the comeback of the popular digital pet game. The new edition of the toy comes in 6 different colours with the original pets and features from the 90s. You can now relive those wonderful days of playing with these virtual pets through the handheld egg keychains!

Limited Edition Tamagotchi Colours

(Image source: Tamagotchi Japan)

Limited Edition Tamagotchi

(Image source: The Verge)

Tamagotchi Packaging

The new Tamagotchis are a little bit smaller than the original, but that just means they are more portable too!

Size of Limited Edition Tamagotchis

(Image source: Tamagotchi Japan)

These nostalgic toys work well as fashion accessories, collectibles or better yet, your very own virtual pets. Each Tamagotchi retails at 1,920¥ and is only distributed exclusively in Japan.

If you’re in Singapore and you wish to get your hands on them too, put up a request on Airfrov and get a traveller to bring them back for you!

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