So here’s the deal: You want to get a gift for your friends, but you’re really unsure of what they’ll like. The solution? Get them practical presents that well, anyone would appreciate!

Check out our curated list below:

1. Monogrammed Porcelain Mug

Can you ever have too many mugs? Yes, but we haven’t had anyone turn down a gorgeous personalised one.

US$4.99, from Target

2. Bullseye Alarm Clock

Perfect for the snooze king/queens!

AU$20, from Kmart

3. Google Chromecast 2

Control your TV from anywhere in your home.

US$35, from Google Store.

4. Shiroi Koibito White Chocolate Pudding

Imagine this: chilled velvety smooth white chocolate pudding with strawberry sauce. We’ll have 5, thanks.

1,080 Yen, from Shiroi Koibito

5. Kindle Paperwhite 

All your favourite books, in one device.

From US$119.99, from Amazon

6. Waffle Bowl Maker 

Elevate your ice cream binge-eating session with this adorable waffle bowl maker.

AU$20, from Target Australia. 

7. Mint Creme Oreo

Funky Oreo flavours, found only in America.

US$2.98, from Walmart

8. Adidas x Issey Miayke Roll Top Backpack 

One year since its release, and still going strong.

11,869 Yen, from Adidas Japan

9. Rose Gold Look Globe

Traveller or not, this chic ornament will definitely add an extra touch of elegance to your working space.

AU$7, from Kmart

10. Fujifilm Quicksnap Premium Kit

For all your film lovers out there.

US$20, from Camera Film Photo

11. Lego Architecture Shanghai Set

A gorgeous, build-it-yourself display unit of the classic Shanghai skyline.

12. Tokyo Banana Kit Kat

Have the best of both worlds when it comes to Japanese snacks with this ingenious marriage of Kit Kat and Tokyo Banana.

From 650 yen, from Japan

13. Christmas Minion Flavoured Milk

These adorable minion milk bottles can be found at any GS25 convenience stores in Korea. Limited edition packaging too!

2,000 won each, from GS25

14. Whittard Christmas Mistletoe Gift Box

Do yourself a favour and get your hands on these luxury Christmas blends from Whittard this festive season.

£20.83, from Whittard

15. Primark Harry Potter Cushions

We don’t know of any Potterhead who’d turn these down.

£4 each, from Primark

16. So Soap Handmade Soap

Green beauty is on the rise; for those who are interested in natural, handmade soaps, check out So Soap from Hong Kong. Join our spree here!

$22.90 – $34.90, from So Soap

17. Oreo Candy Canes

Oh no, you’re not seeing this wrong. These are Candy Cane all right — just… Oreo flavoured.

From US$8.15, from Amazon

18. Läderach Box of 24 Pralines

Those who’ve been to Switzerland will know how absolutely top-notch their chocolatiers are, and these pralines from Läderach will surely thrill any sweet tooth.

CHF 42.90, from Läderach Chocolatier Suisse

19. Instant Pot Duo Pressure Cooker

Know of someone who likes fuss-free cooking? Get them these pressure cookers from Instant Pot!

From US$69.99, from Amazon

20. SML Monster Bottle

This Christmas, get your hipster friend a swanky new bottle that’s able to diffuse tea into the water, as well as separate ice from your drink. Basically, a conversation starter!

35,000 Won, from SML

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