We totally get how hypnotising eyeshadow blending can be. One would’ve guessed that you’d be an expert judging by the time you watch your 50th eyeshadow application video tutorial on YouTube. Yet, even after trying to follow the steps as closely as possible in the 50th video tutorial, you just end up looking as though you got punched in the eye. Now, before you run off losing hope — we are telling you that makeup is going to get a whole lot easier with the 16Brand Eye Magazine Eyeshadow.

Recently shot to fame, the duo-coloured eyeshadow pan with a brush is going to help you create looks which will only take you a couple of minutes. With the 16Brand eyeshadow, you no longer have to watch thousands of tutorials to achieve that flawless eyeshadow look. Instead, the only practice you will ever need is… swiping on tinder!

16brand eyeshadow

The 16Brand Eyeshadow works as a one-swipe wonder and makes applying eyeshadow as easy as 1-2-3!

16brand eyeshadow

With 16Brand Eyeshadow, there is really only just one pairing. But you can easily create at least three different looks from it. It all lies in where you position your brush as you swipe on the palette to pick up the pigment.

16brand eyeshadow

For a natural look:

Position your brush such that the entire beige portion is covered, with a slight hint of brown as a shadow-liner.

For a defined look:

place your brush such that both colours get picked up equally by the brush.

For a smokey, date-night look:

have the brush cover the entire darker brown, alongside a touch of the lighter beige as a transition.

16brand eyeshadow

Previously only available in 2, 16Brand Eyeshadow now offers 4 lovely shades to choose from!


Coral and dark chocolate brown

16brand eyeshadow


Ash-brown and dark chocolate brown

16brand eyeshadow


Yellow and dark chocolate brown

16brand eyeshadow


Pink and dark chocolate brown

16brand eyeshadow


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At only 13,000 KRW (S$18), the 16Brand Eye Magazine Eyeshadow is an absolute steal. Join the pre-order on Airfrov now!