Winter is coming–have you gotten your presents this Christmas? If you’re looking for something special this Christmas for the constantly hungry people in your life, we’ve got the perfect gift guide for you! Here’s our 12 snacks of Christmas to get you in a jolly good mood:


Hotel Chocolat Sleekster Chocolate Patisserie, £22.50

Perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth, the Sleekster Patisserie gift box contains the best-loved cakes, bakes and puddings remodelled into decadent, bite-sized chocolate treats. It features 27 different dessert recipes such as raspberry pannacotta and billionaire’s shortbread, retailing in the United Kingdom. More details can be found here


Reese’s & Hershey’s Crunchers, $4.99 USD each (6.05 oz.) 

Who says rice is plain and boring? The new Reese’s crunchers are bite-sized rice crisps mixed with peanut butter chips and milk chocolate while the Hershey’s crunchers are mixed with mini chocolate cookies and graham flavoured wafers, covered in white creme. They’re great for on-the-go snacking and are retailing in the United States.

Press Butter Sands, ¥1500 (10 pc)

The popular and famous Press Butter Sands cookies from Japan would perfectly satisfy the sweet tooth of any of your foodie friends. Coated in a crunchy cookie there is a generous amount of butter cream and caramel filling layered in between each of the cookies


Taiwan Nougat Biscuit, 299 TWD

Soft and chewy nougat packed in between two fragrant biscuits is perfect blend of both sweet and savoury. These nougat biscuits hail from Taiwan and they come in a box of 20 individually packed treats–great for snacking on the go!


Osulloc Memory in JEJU tea set, 38,000 KRW

Have a taste of Jeju this holiday with this tea gift set, the organic green tea leaves grown in the Jeju Osulloc tea garden. They come in pyramid tea bags, great for diffusing the delicate and unique flavour of Jeju tea. Comes in 4 different flavours including: Moon Flower Over Looking Sea, Stone Fence Enveloped In Tangerine Flower, Camellia Flower Blooming Forest, Olle Road Full of Cherry Blossom.


Kiki Taiwan Noodles, 220 TWD

These Taiwan springy handmade instant noodles are sun-dried which makes them a healthier option for having a piping hot meal when you’re time tight. Kiki instant noodles come in two flavours: Sichuan pepper and aromatic scallion oil.


MacDonald’s Sauces (355ml), CDN $3.99 each

Double-dip to your heart’s content with this Christmas with unlimited sauce! Recreate your favourite MacDonald’s meal with these trademark sauces: Big Mac, McChicken and Filet-O-Fish that can be found in all Canadian grocery stores.


Kit Kat X Tokyo Banana,¥1,200 (15 pc.)

Kit Kat from Japan typically aren’t the most conventional in the world, and their latest collaboration with  Tokyo Banana is no exception! The latest edition will combine the best of each signature treats, sandwiching the moist creamy banana filling with signature Kit Kat wafers. These treats retail in boxes of 8 (650 yen) or 15 (1,200 yen) and will be available at Tokyo Okashi Land from 15 Nov – 9 Jan 2018. They will then be sold at more places in the Kanto region after that.

Hiyoko cake, ¥1,000 (9 pcs)

These cute mini chick shaped pastry desserts are the perfect gifts for this holiday. Originating from Kyushu Japan, the dessert is famous for its 3 dimensional chick shape and creamy texture. The pastry shell wraps around a lima bean paste which gives it a creamy consistency, making it a great snack for both children and adults.

Kuai Che Pork Paper, 588 TWD

The only time when paper is edible–pork paper! These Taiwan-made crispy pork paper can be found in Taipei’s Shilin Night Market. It is the perfect combination of flavour, texture and lightness, satisfying your munchies without leaving you feeling full.


Greenpoint Trading Co. Brooklyn-made Smoke and Grill Seasoning, USD$35

Sure to flavour both your holidays and your meats, this assorted smoke and grill seasoning rub gift set from Brooklyn is the perfect season’s greetings. These seasoning blends are additive and preservative free, making your smoked and grilled meats taste better and healthier for you. Get the smoke and grill set for your meat lover friend this holidays!


Chi-Cho Sauce, USD$9 (per bottle)

Forget the cranberry sauce this holiday, have a fiery Christmas instead with this handcrafted, 100% natural and gluten free New York hot sauce. It is the hot sauce that goes with everything–from dips to seafood and even pizza.

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