The cherry blossom season, which typically occurs in late March to early April, is undeniably one of the best periods to visit Japan. The cool breeze, the whole city covered in pink petals… why can’t Singapore have that too????? Lucky for us, we still get to experience one of the best parts of the cherry blossom season, which is none other than the Sakura-themed products!

For those who are lucky enough to be visiting Japan this March or April, here are 10 must-buy Sakura-themed items that you should be adding to your shopping list. For those planning to travel to Japan but have not bought tickets yet, it’s about time you start looking at ticket prices on Skyscanner! And lastly, for those who will be staying in sunny Singapore, you can still get these items with the help of Airfrov’s network of travellers. All you have to do is click on the name of the item that you’re interested in and post a request on Airfrov!

1) Matcha Milk Sakura

Matcha AND sakura?? It’s like best of both worlds of Japan! Whoever created this instant beverage powder is a genius.

2) Tokyo Disneyland Sakura Collection

sakura mickey
cred: Matcha-jp
cred: Matcha-jp

This all-pink collection featuring Mickey and Minnie is exclusive to Tokyo Disneyland stores. Speaking of Disneyland, imagine how amazing would it be to visit Disneyland and Disney Sea over the Sakura season!

3) Pocky Sakura Chocolate

sakura pocky
cred: The Japan Times

This special Pocky flavour contains sakura leaf extract to give a distinct sakura flavour to the chocolate. These pocky sticks are also brushed with salt so that with each bite, you get a taste of sakura sweetness with a subtle tinge of saltiness!

4) Afternoon Tea Sakura Collection

afternoon tea sakura collection
cred: Afternoon Tea FB

We are in love with Afternoon Tea’s range of dainty Sakura-themed products! From iphone cases to hand creams, we just want ’em all! Our favourite from this range though, are the thermos flasks that are as pretty as those that we’ve seen from Starbucks!

5) Opera Sentimental Blossoms Lip Tint

In conjunction with the cherry blossom season, Japanese cosmetics brand Opera has released two new lip tint shades inspired by the sakura blossoms: Sakura Petal and Plum Pink. These two soft shades are perfect for spring!


6)Winnie The Pooh Sakura Merch

pooh sakura

Winnie The Pooh + the colour pink = best combination EVER. The Winnie the Pooh plush comes in two sizes and the larger one is almost 50cm tall! It comes with no surprise these plush toys are high in demand and on the brink of selling out.

7) Kit Kat Sakura Chocolate Range

sakura kit kat

School graduation and entrance ceremonies around Japan typically coincides with the cherry blossom season in the months of March and April. So this year, Kit Kat Japan has launched sakura-strawberry-flavoured chocolate that come in a cylinder box that represents a graduation certificate. The chocolate comes in a gorgeous shade of pink and has a distinct taste of strawberries with a hint of creamy sakura.

cred: Sora News 24

While the other chocolate flavours in the range are not sakura-flavoured, their packaging is covered with falling cherry blossom petals. Each individual piece also features encouraging messages for students. How cute!

cred: Sora News 24
cred: Sora News 24

8) Coca-Cola 2018 Sakura Bottle

coca cola sakura

Like previous years, Coca-cola has launched a special 2018 Sakura bottle in conjunction with the cherry blossom season. Perfect for collectors! Take a look at their previous year’s design:

sakura coca cola

Which do you prefer?

9) Garrett Limited Edition Sakura Popcorn Tin

sakura can

Just like Coca-cola, Garrett Popcorn Japan also has a tradition of releasing Sakura-themed tins during the cherry blossom season. We’re lovin’ this year’s version! What’s more, there’s also limited edition cookies and cream popcorn that comes along with it!

10) Starbucks Japan 2018 Sakura Collection

sakura starbucks
“Looking Forward”
sakura starbucks
“Looking Back”

This year, Starbucks Japan released not one but TWO different collections during the sakura season. Just look at how pretty all the mugs and tumblers are… it’s so hard to pick one! What’s more, Starbucks Japan have also launched a range of Sakura beverages and pastries that are just as chio!

starbucks sakura

starbucks sakura

starbucks sakura

It’s such a pity we can’t get travellers to bring back these stuff. And as much as we try to lie to ourselves that these pastel pink, floral products will suffice, deep down we know that they will never be as lovely as seeing the Sakuras in full bloom in person.

cred: Travel Caffeine

According to Japan Rail Pass, the best times to visit Japan while the Sakuras are in full bloom are around 27 March in Tokyo, 2 April in Osaka and 3 April in Kyoto. With a month or so till then, it’s still not too late to fly over Japan. With Skyscanner, you can even do a search for the cheapest tickets over various flight companies and agencies. Trust us when we say that being surrounded by pink petals is totally worth the flight tickets.