When you think of cherry blossoms, the first thing that’ll probably pop up in your mind is the sakura in Japan. However, there are also other countries around Asia that you can admire the blossoming of pretty pink flowers. One such example is none other than South Korea. You can admire the cherry blossoms in all its glory at tourist destinations such as Gyeongbukgong Palace and Lotte World.

cherry blossom seoul

cherry blossom lotte world

Since we had such overwhelming responses from our previous post about Sakura-themed Items from Japan, we thought we might pique your interest further with cherry blossom-themed products that you might love, that are exclusively sold in Korea! Check them out below:

1. Cherry Blossom Sparkling Soda

cred: GS25
cred: GS25

Available at all GS25 stores nationwide, this sparkling soda is infused with a sweet cherry blossom flavour. If only this flavour is available all-year round!

2. OST Cherry Blossom Collection

Made with 925 sterling silver to the delight of all those with sensitive skin, this jewellery collection by OST is so dainty and pretty, it’s hard to imagine that each piece only costs 19,900 KRW!

OST Pink Blossom Watches

In addition to the cherry blossom-themed jewellery, OST has also launched a cherry blossom-inspired watch collection. At the price of only 29,900 KRW per piece, these watches are an absolute steal!

3. OSULLOC Cherry Blossom Blended Tea

cherry blossom tea
cred: Osulloc

Osulloc may be best known for their green tea-flavoured products, but their other flavours, such as this Cherry Blossom blended tea, deserve just as much recognition! Alternatively, you can try out their hand cream which also comes in a Cherry Blossom scent!

cherry blossom handcream
cred: Osulloc

4. Binggrae Cherry Blossom Milk

Cherry Blossom Binggrae

The all-time favourite Binggrae Banana Milk is back with a new Cherry Blossom flavour, only available for a limited period of time! Get it while stocks last!

5. Missha All Over Perfume Mist

Missha Cherry Blossom All Over Mist

If Jo Malone is something that’s above your budget, why not give Missha’s All Over Perfume Mist a try? At only 4,790 KRW for a 120ml bottle, this perfume mist is definitely a bang for the buck. This year, Missha has also released a new scent called the Peach Blossom & Honey in conjunction with the cherry blossom season!

6. Cherry Blossom Popcorn

This special popcorn does not only have a slight hint of cherry blossom, it also comes in a pastel pink shade that makes each piece look like a pretty pink flower. It’s almost too pretty to eat!

7. Kakao Friends APEACH Cherry Blossom Garden Tote Bag

APEACH Cherry Blossom Tote APEACH Cherry Blossom Tote

Kakao Friends just keep stealing our hearts over and over again with their adorable products. This time, we have our eyes set on this APEACH cherry blossom tote bag.

8. Kanu Spring Blend & Cherry Blossom Tumbler

Remember when our hearts were all collectively stolen by South Korean Actor Gong Yoo in Goblin? This new special spring blend coffee by Maxim brings us back to the scene in Goblin with Cherry Blossom petals falling around the two lovebirds.

9. Etude House Cherry Blossom Collection

While Etude House products are now widely available in Singapore, this Cherry Blossom range is not. With pink floral petals all over the packaging and starting from only 4,000 KRW for the lipstick cases, these products are a definite must-buy of the season!

10. Starbucks Korea Cherry Blossom

Nobody does Cherry Blossom season like Starbucks. This year, Starbucks Korea released not 1, not 2, but 3 collections for the spring season! While stocks for first and second collections are no longer available in stores, there’s still hope for you to get your hands on the third collection (which, in our opinion, is also the prettiest of all 3)!

Just like the rest of the products featured in this post, you can get a limited edition cherry blossom tumbler from Starbucks Korea with the help of Airfrov’s community of travellers! All you have to do is post a request and get a traveller to bring them back from Korea to Singapore!

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