Typical Singaporeans like us are always looking to pick up a good deal on branded labels when we travel overseas, especially ones that can’t be found locally. When we speak of Japan, Burberry Blue & Black Label comes to mind almost instantly. But ever since Burberry decided to bring their own brand into Japan, the blue & black labels were re-branded to Crestbridge Blue & Black Label.

Long story short, Crestbridge remained a hit among the younger Japanese folk because of its youthful designs and friendlier prices (below $1000). And they can only be found in Japan, which explains why Singaporeans are so crazily attracted to the brand.

Check out our favourite designs from the Blue Label collection!

1. PVC Tote Bag in Classic Crestbridge Check
¥ 28,9080 (S$339.50)

The exterior of the bag has been through three-dimensional PVC processing; just touching it will give you the sense of opulence and luxury.

2. Denim Ribbon Clutch
¥9,720 ( (S$116.31)

There’s nothing more eye catching than a beautiful Crestbridge checkered ribbon on this multifunctional clutch bag. With longer pull handles demonstrating the brands top quality the bag can be used as an adorable clutch or even a bag within a bag!

3. Reversible Canvas Tote in Denim
¥ 12,960 (S$156.70)

The same design as the previous one in Beige, but this time in a gorgeous wash of luscious blue, reminiscent of the classic denim colour. The reversible side is a slightly differently too, boasting shades of grey. Perfect for those who prefer cool tones!

4. Mini Purse Canvas Tote Bag (Limited Edition)
¥ 6,480 (S$74.80)

Love Crestbridge? Proclaim your love to the world then, with this mini purse tote that has the brand name right smack in the middle. The tote bag comes with a detachable drawstring purse (with checkered print), so you can use the bag by itself, or the pouch separately. Comes in pink, off-white and navy.

5. Solid PVC Tote
¥ 22,680 (S$274.20)

If you’re looking for something a little more chic and luxe-looking, go for the solid coloured totes instead. Fuss-free design and a clean structure, the single-hued bags are suitable for work. Switch things up by opting for the bright firetruck red instead.

6. Check Bucket Bag
¥28,080 (S$336.60)

The younger crowd will probably fawn over this checkered Bucket bag, which can be held by its handle, or used as an adorable shoulder bag with its removable strap. The structure of the bag resembles a neat bucket, and possesses a magnet specification to allow for easy access and convenience! Slip in your wallet, phone and a couple of cosmetics and you’re good to go.

7. Floral Print Pouch (Limited Edition)
¥ 6,480 (S$78.30)

The feminine floral print strays away from Crestbridge’s otherwise bold checkered print. Those who are more for a sweeter, girlier style, check out the pink lilac motif on the pale turquoise background, complemented with a navy blue ribbon for an extra touch of adorable. The pouch is a good size to be used as a cosmetic purse.

8. Heart Print Backpack
¥ 24,840 (S$300.30)

A first glance at this backpack is enough to get us falling in love — we mean, how is it possible for anyone to resist the mini heart print against a gorgeous baby pink base? The backpack comes in a functional and fuss-free design; one main compartment, and an additional pocket on the outside. Minimal yet chic.

9. Daily Tote Bag
¥ 23,760 (S$287.20)

As its name suggests, the daily tote bag is meticulously created for everyday use — an A4-sized carryall that can hold all your daily essentials and documents, and comes in a minimalist design that works with virtually every outfit you own. There’s also a detachable pouch to store spare change and credit cards to bring to lunch!

10. Bi-Colour Leather Card Case
¥ 14,040 (S$169.70)

Now, not many people may feel the need to invest in a quality cardholder, but trust us on this: having a sturdy one can really prevent your cards from falling out unnecessarily and you just feel more put together.

Want to get your very own Crestbridge bag? Simply select which bag you’d like at the link below and an Airfrov traveller heading to Japan will have your goodies flown right back for you just in time for Christmas!

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